It’s on!

Due to further New South Wales Government COVID-safety requirements which limit inter-regional travel for community sport, the competition as framed at the start of the season in July concluded on 22 August 2020. Coffs United was declared Premier in both First Grade and Reserve Grade.

The competition continues in 2020 with the ten teams split into a north conference and a south conference, playing locally. Read more: Link. The dates, times or locations of matches are not publicised. These omissions are due to COVID-19 safety requirements imposed by the NSW Government. 

The NSW Government has stipulated that only essential people should attend football matches. This means attendance at matches is limited to players, match officials and necessary volunteers. The children of these people are permitted to attend where minding responsibilities necessitate. Recreational or leisure spectators are not allowed.

In the meantime, we’ll be posting previews, scores and reviews to keep you up to date with CPL.