Taree Wildcats

Home Ground: Taree Zone Field, Taree

About the Club

Taree Soccer Club Inc known as Taree Wildcats was formed in 1974.

Taree has a proud history of being the strongest club in the Manning Valley and continues to aspire and provide pathways to their players. Taree Wildcats have always played in the highest league available to them.

Based in Muldoon Street Taree, The Wildcats boast the only dedicated football facility in the Manning Valley. With three full size fields, and dedicated fields for each stage of Miniroos, Taree Wildcats has he capacity to provide football for all.

The new committee of Taree Wildcats, believe that it is important to provide the highest level of football available in our area to the players. This is the reason we chose to nominate in the Coastal League as it is important that the Southern end of the FMNC zone has a team.

The board also is developing an intensive capital works program for the club. We are looking forward to partnering with FMNC High Performance Squads, to provide players with local options once they are too old for FMNC NPL Squads. To this end, sharing of facilities and joint training is being arranged, with some of our games being hosted at Taree Zone Field this year to follow FMNC NPL games.

Head Coach Ben Sedlen

Ben Sedlen will be our inaugural Taree Wildcats Coastal League Coach. Hailing from Bristol in the UK Ben is football through and through. Ben moved to Taree in 2003 and has been associated with the Taree Wildcats since that time.

Ben was a prominent player in our two last FMNC Premier League Titles in 2009 & 2012. Ben still is yet to hang the boots up and has signed up this year ‘just in case’. Ben is Taree Wildcats President and is also a Life Member of our Club.

Importantly, Ben believes in growing the base of our club for the future. To this end, in addition to being our Coastal League Coach, he is also coaching a group of 6s and a group of 7s.

Co-Captains Justin Atkins and Cassidy Veitch

Justin is being rewarded with being a Co-Captain due to his long tenure with the club. Justin has played with us for over 20 years, and also featured in our last two premierships. Justin is a real estate agent by day.

Cassidy, is also a long term Taree Wildcats player despite only being 21 years of age he has been in our Premier League Squads for 5 years. Taree will have a young squad this year, and having Cassidy as co coach will help provide a link to our younger players.